Posted by: janya | January 27, 2008

Welcome to my thoughts

Hi everyone, I was just watching ‘We the People’ show on NDTV about blogging. I was considering blogging for a while now, but never got to it. But somehow while watching this show I got the motivation to get it started ‘Now’. So, here we go. This is my blog.

What is special about it? May be nothing for you. But definitely means a lot to me. This is the place I would like to address the things I love (or not), or things I would like to share with someone (or no one).

My first challenge was to choose the template. I initially went with black template, but then decided to change the template every now and then, just to amuse myself. I will start with my passion for environment. I am very much into energy saving, being environmentally friendly, saving natural resources. I honestly hope I am doing my best in this. But sure I slip sometimes. Ok. Let me start working on my next blog – Environment.

Have fun people. Enjoy your life. Let your life flow like a river. Don’t stagnate. (I am a great fan of Jiddu Krishnamurty btw)

— Janya



  1. i concur with you on what was said in the last 2 lines

  2. Hi Janya,

    I was 100% sure that, you would have written things on saving energy & environment…and I am correct on that!!!
    Good start!! Keep it up


  3. Thank you so much for your support.

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