Posted by: janya | January 28, 2008

Energy: Electricity and Me

Since I was in my teens I had this penchant to switch off the lights that were not being used. If I see a room with no one, I go and turn off the lights. I remember, my uncle scolding me for this when I did the same at his place. He said, evenings is when Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) enters the house and you have to leave your whole house with lights on to welcome her. With that experience I stopped doing this when I am at someone else’s place. Ofcourse I do it discreetly sometimes as it really bothers me.

When I was in my Engineering, if I saw a class room with fans and lights and no students – first thing I do is …. you know what it is. My friends would laugh at me. But I never stopped.

I remember having “scheduled” power cuts in my State. So every night from 8 PM to 9 PM for an hour there was no power. If only everyone understood the value of saving electricity we would not have these daily power cuts. But unfortunately, people don’t think so and it’s just a matter of awareness. They get used to these power cuts and move on without thinking of doing anything to avoid this in future. What is their argument? Well, I will do it, but others will not. So what’s the point if only I do this. So you need to create awareness in them hoping they would get it. And sure they will. We all are very understanding human beings. We just need to be given the right information. That’s it.

But there was a good part for these scheduled power-cuts. That was the time we kids would gather outside and play. We would tell stories to each other, play games in moon light, count stars etc. It was so much fun. We talk about bonding in corporate world – it cannot get better than this when you are kids. I used to love it.

I hope I see a day when everyone around me is more into saving electricity. One of these days I will have a blog on Water and Me. But don’t worry it’s not the next one. I don’t want to bore you all (wonder how many will read this).



  1. Hi Janya,

    Love your blog! I’m right with you on saving energy. We changed all the lights in our house to those new energy efficient spiral looking flourescent lamps and liked them so we did the same at my mother’s house when there for the holidays. She’s 88 years old and thinks they’re “cute looking.”

    I hope you will see the day when everyone is into saving energy.

    GLOW, Girl!

  2. funny… I grew up in those same circumstances when the current is so unreliable and used to be a threat for studies during summer exams.

    I was told rather preached the same [SAVE IT!] by father who when in school had to study with oil lamps and have been following so closely since long. I get scoldings from the offspring for being so conservative who did not experience rather faced a need to do so being over here.

    also, i read a long ago in some magazine that the energy/electricity it takes to consume in 15min is less than if the switch is flipped on and off within that duration of <=15min. can’t remember all that phy. principles that support this, sorry.

    so even now, while leaving the room with a light on, i count ahead the minutes I would spend outside a room before i return to switch on the light and kids kind of picked it at least [and as obvious often times they come up with that excuse ‘… thought i would be back within 15min. ]

    then while living in Syd, AUZ watching the whole city to be celebrating a diwali pretty much each night I learnt that they have surplus and can’t store it all and so have to use it off.

    look at this contrast….

  3. Thank you Arlene. I hope so too.

  4. Hi Yasmine, Nice comments. Thank you.

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