Posted by: janya | February 3, 2008

Communication gaps

Have you ever experienced communication gaps? I am sure you did – atleast few times in your life. This is a huge problem if it isn’t addressed properly. It can be between you and your spouse, your parents, kids, siblings, friends, colleagues – anyone. How can this be dealt with effectively so as not to lose the people around you.

I experienced this at work, friends and family. Especially when you are communicating in a language that is not your mother tongue. Even if you have studied in English Medium schools since your childhood, I guess it’s a bit difficult to convey your message effectively if you are not using the language you are not completely comfortable with.

But having said that, you can still have issues communicating in your mother tongue. It’s the assumptions that cause problems. We assume we got our point through, but in reality, we didn’t. And now the fun part starts. I very recently had such an experience (not that I didn’t have them before). But this one hurt me a lot.

What can we do about it? I guess it’s just part and parcel of life.

On the same note, I am very sure people had the same experiences with me. Well, all I can say is, please explain to me clearly if you feel I didn’t get it.



  1. Slight correction. I found lot of inconsistencies in the explanation given to me and now I realized it’s not communication gap, but the other person pretended it to be that way to get away with it for some other intentions I don’t want to think about. Well, what can I say 🙂

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