Posted by: janya | March 3, 2008

Energy: Water and Me

I wrote about Electricity and Me a while back. I want to write about Water and Me.

As my awareness increased into other areas, I started thinking about Water usage. The place I come from in India is called Bezwada a.k.a Vijayawada. It’s also called Blazewada (Place of scorching heat). And yes, people die of sun strokes at this place. It’s hot and humid. People shower 2 or 3 times a day to keep themselves fresh. I agree it’s hard to continue with the day otherwise. But what about the precious water that people are dying for? What if we soon get into a situation where we don’t have water to shower even once a day?

When I went to India last time, I was talking to the lady who helps my mom in cleaning the house and wash the dishes. She was washing the dishes and left the water running through out the process. I showed her how to wash with minimal water and told her by doing this she is helping out her kids more than herself. There is only limited water in this world as a resource and if you don’t use it wisely you will end up with nothing in few years and that might not affect YOU, but will sure affect your kids. So if you love them – save water now. 🙂 Nice argument right? Well, it worked with her. She started using less water. 🙂 I hope she is continuing it.

I do the same with my friends too. I went to visit a friend of mine in Seattle. She was washing her dishes and was shutting off the water between doing dishes and she said she was doing that because I was there. 🙂 Well, then I told her she should be doing this for herself and not because I was there. But she said Seattle never runs out of water as it rains 80% of the time. Well, she does have a point. Not much to argue there. Ok. Enough on this. More later.


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