Posted by: janya | May 28, 2008

Energy: Planting trees and Me

As my awareness increased into other areas, I started thinking about planting trees. Yes, my heart goes out when a tree is being cut down. I would talk to my friends in the neighborhood (usually young kids) and explain to them why we need trees for survival. I used to tell them to think about just making their house look more greener and they don’t even have to go to the streets for it. Motivate your friends to do the same to the place they live and that would make a huge difference. Well, to be honest I am not sure how much affect it had on Mother Nature, but I am happy for at least trying.

Oh, by the way, I am a great believer in ‘trying’ out something. I don’t care about losing or failing. I am happy that at least I tried something. I guess I have another topic for blogging. 🙂



  1. i grew up with trees surrounding the house we lived always; i never had seen a tree being cut down for quite many years. Then my awareness got spread in to environmental protection, global warming and recycling etc. every time i think of a tree being cut down, it feels so hurting.

    what i do to prevent it? try from my side like you said. how i do it? i have 5 trees 4 in the front yard and 1 at the back tho i am required to plant one tree per council rule. what else I do? keep telling kids [mine and friends’] to not waste paper, to not dump plastic bags right after the shopping. i am now ordering some shopping bags to totally avoid the plastic.

    that said, it is something that has come from within everyone’s heart than do it because they are told or because someone is observing.

    some stories from mythology personify the mother earth and show her agony over the abuse and bad care she is given. i even tell that to kids. they are our hope and future players. at least bringing the awareness among them and planting a seed in their hearts is worth a try.

  2. Thank you Yasmine. Let us see what we can do in spreading the word. You are doing a great job with your kids. They are our best messengers.

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