Posted by: janya | July 13, 2008

We “see” with our ears !!!!!!!

We tend to think that when we play Ping Pong or baseball, we react based on where the ball looks as if it’s headed, but the sound of the ball striking off the opponent’s paddle or bat is an important clue to its trajectory. Subjects who have tried to play these games while wearing gear that blocks their ears perform less well.

So we do “see” with our ears.

Well, now for one more example to show that we use cues to combine vision with sound to help us process what we are hearing.

One woman who was being interviewed by a doctor while being admitted to a hospital told him “Wait a minute, I can’t understand you, I need my glasses”.

Some people who are great talkers hate to talk over the phone, in part because they cannot see the other person’s face.

So we need a combination of both for better process.

** Courtesy: A user’s guide to the brain by John J Ratey.


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