Posted by: janya | July 20, 2008

Airlines and Environment – Shocking !!!

Have you ever noticed that Airlines are environmentally Un-friendly? They give you food in these plastic containers that are of course recyclable, but definitely not compostible. Your cutlery is wrapped in plastic and that’s not recyclable. And finally for the coffee or tea – they are served in these Styrofoam cups that are non-biodegradable.

Well, “Styrofoam is not easily recyclable due to it’s light weight and low scrap value. It takes a very long time to decompose and has been documented to cause starvation in birds and other marine world life.

Isn’t that scary? Check this one now:

“The city of Berkeley, California was one of the first cities in the world to ban polystyrene food packaging (called Styrofoam in the media announcements). It was also banned in Portland OR, and Suffolk County NY in 1990. Now, over 20 US cities have banned polystyrene food packaging, including Oakland CA on Jan 1st 2007. “

At least this is promising. And I hope all the airlines adopt this.

Considering the number of people that fly every single day, it would be great help to our environment if they stop using them and become more environmentally-friendly.


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