Posted by: janya | August 9, 2008

Just try it out !!!

In my childhood I was told this story where a child watches a spider go up the wall and keeps falling down. After umpteenth effort it succeeds. The motto is: keep trying and you will succeed. I strongly believe in this.

My brother asks me, don’t you ever get tired. No, I don’t. I don’t like saying No to anything unless I try it out first. Ofcourse, this goes against you sometimes as you fall flat when you don’t heed the advice of people based on their experience. Well, still I continue “trying” it out. I can “get up” after falling down though. 🙂 But if you cannot: then just listen to others.

It’s fun. I can tell you that. Well, it all comes down to enjoying your life no matter what. Once you are capable of doing that, you will take everything in a stride in spite of ups and downs.



  1. Thats a good one . Perseverance

  2. Yes 🙂

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