Posted by: janya | September 23, 2008

Winners vs Losers

We all want to be associated with a winner. When we see one, we try hard to get his/her attention. We proudly announce to our friends/family about “knowing” this person. But if the same person loses everything, most of us stay away from that person. Suddenly all the “hidden” attributes of this person come into picture. And now we are proud to announce these “attributes” to the world. Why?

Why can’t we understand that winning and losing are just part of the game. They don’t reflect the personality of that person. And why do we associate success with money. If someone is financially successful, no matter how they have achieved it, we treat them with respect.

I had a friend who was successful once upon a time and was also perceived by some as future successful entrepreneur. Now once this person made a mistake, everyone not only abandoned this person, but anyone who be-friended him was considered to be either being naive/stupid or something else. And mind you, these are the same people who applauded this person once upon a time.

And none of his friends/family were there to support him when he actually needed it. Nor did they care to see if he was alive. And I know for sure they will all come back with success later. It could be just a matter of time.

At the same time I know someone who is successful financially, but has fundamental flaws in his personality. But people are proud to be associated with this person.

Why can’t we see a person as a person and not with his success/finances?

I am very sure all of you have seen such cases.


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