Posted by: janya | December 17, 2008

Isn’t nature wonderful?

If we all have “time” to enjoy nature, we can see how amazing even little things are. A squirrel wandering in your backyard munching on something, birds chirping, all those fruits dropping from your neighbor’s tree (not sure if they are even edible), all the wild flowers on your walking trail etc etc.

Personally, I find “natural” flowers, plants growing wildly, more endearing than “artificial” ones that grow indoors. Even a dried tree is charming. At the same time, I do enjoy all the pretty flowers in the gardens. But there is something special about naturally grown plant kingdom.

When we go to Tirumala on the bus, I would enjoy all the plants (dried/green) that I see on my way. It’s a wonderful ride. Once we are on Tirumala we have beautiful gardens with wonderful plants/flowers. But somehow, I liked the nature on my way up.

I have couple of redwood trees next to my bedroom. I took it for granted and was just happy that it blocks the hot sun. But a friend of mine who visited me recently was sooo excited to see this tree. Apparently she loves redwood trees. She was saying she is jealous that I can see a redwood tree from the window of my bedroom. I laughed it off, but started seeing this tree with different perspective. And I started noticing more of them on my way to work.

I lived at a “concrete” place before where I could not see any nature. At my new place, when I wake up in the morning, I can hear birds (sparrows, hummingbirds and others) chirping, can see squirrels running around on the redwood tree (scared me initially as it sounded so human that I was worried someone was at my window), sometimes have the pleasure of watching a mocking bird. This continues during the day and it is so enjoyable to have such an experience in the middle of the bay area.

Well, these little things that bring some joy to your daily routine should be cherished.

When I lived in Australia, in my backyard I had hundreds of these parrots hanging to the trees. I have never seen such a beautiful site in my life again on a daily basis. It was such a pleasure watching and listening to them.



  1. Most of the times we are totally oblivious to our surroundings. It is like a revelation. When we get it, we will be totally suprised by how much nature-blinded we were, totally ignorant of the beauty around us. Vagaries of life and juggling things keep everybody preoccupied with
    I drive to work on country roads before hitting the town. In the winters, when dawn is late, sun raising at a distant horizon is a treat to watch. I did not notice that many years. Once the nature beckoned me, it seems I am travelling in a different world. Thanks Janya, for rekindling the dormant spirit.

    Thanks. Triumala struck a chord for me too. Both by walk and by bus provides , the rustic view of the forest and mixed with traces of civilization.

    Nature is in the eyes of the beholder.

  2. mine is very small world, me and the nature around me. i talk to the birds, animals, plants and trees and laugh with them coz’ often times they absorb me and accept me as I am. i still have the dream that one day not too far in my life i will live even natural and no one can ever imagine the life i am going to live 🙂 sounds crazy or may be unrealistic. i am not partial either my indoor plant is as dear to as my outdoor ones. i speak the same language with them recently i watched a movie wherein the protagonist could speak to the animals and birds. I really wish it is true and that I could learn that language too. thank you janya,i still have lots to say but. this is a never ending fascination for me.

  3. Knowing you, I can understand how you feel Usha. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow, there is so much more to life and so many other petty incidents of joy and happiness in life that most of us miss to realize that we miss them. I love the sentence I heard in the movie “Bawarchi” of Rahesh Khanna and Harindranath ji. He says, “it is simple to be happy but it is difficult to be simple.” I may write something wrong here as I watched it years back. Nice blog Priya.

  5. Thank you Anand.

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