Posted by: janya | January 13, 2009

In the middle of concrete jungle….

In this modern times, everyone of us want a house that has too many bedrooms (more than what we need), too many living rooms, too many other rooms. We have green lawns and some few plants that grow in a ‘landscaped’ garden. I have seen too many of those. And now I have experienced some relief here in the middle of concrete jungle in Vijayawada.  

Sparrows are something that cannot be seen in the modern cities due to cell phone towers or the hustle and bustle of the city life. I was surprised to see those in my uncle’s house. He started with 3 and took great pains to safe guard and multiply them. Now he has around 26 of them. Not just sparrows. He has pigeons as well. Didn’t feel like I was in the city. It was such a wonderful feeling.

Here are couple of pictures.  My childhood is associated with this place. So they may not excite you as much as they did to me. There are more which I will upload later. Could not capture sparrows though.






Decorating our grandfather’s picture with garlands made from these flowers was our childhood memory. These flowers are called ‘Radha Krishna’. You can make a garland by inserting one flower into the other. It is very rare to find these flowers anywhere. Additional info for farmers: The leaves cooked in water act as powerful pesticide. 




  1. Oh! i remember these flowers! I loved ’em!
    But they got all vanished from my surroundings! 😦

  2. That’s the sad part et. We have too much concrete around us. I don’t know when we will realize the beauty of nature. Btw your blog is very interesting.

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