About Me

As I said in my Welcome page, my life is like a river. Came across few rocks, crossed them with ease and difficulty. Flow was smooth sometimes, hit the rocks in between:). But I believe that’s the fun part. Or else it’s just monotonous. Honestly, I take every experience in a positive way and move on. Ofcourse, I come across people who don’t let me live that way by putting road blocks on the way. But that’s life.

Coming to professional front – I am a Manager at one of the best Software companies in the world. I love my job. It’s so much fun and I have one of the best teams. As one of my friends always says – I have been lucky professionally all the time.


— Venu Nadella



  1. Hi friend,

    Its me. First time I saw your blog. I thought I leave some message to you. What is JANYA??


  2. Hi Bharathi
    I added a page for your question on ‘What is Janya?’. Check that out.
    — Janya

  3. Hi Janya
    I knew it is going to be MY day today on Mar 14, 2008.
    It started when I had a very warm hearted and pleasant talk to you, almost as if we knew each other for quite some time.
    I really felt good about it.
    It was very interesting what you said about micro financing.
    You made me curious. I will think about how I can translate this idea into a so called ‘developed country’.
    I wish you all the best in your life, I hope we can meet again.
    Good luck for your talk in April!!
    With warm regards

  4. Hi Kersten
    That was so nice of you. I am glad I had the talk with you this morning and got you interested. The feeling is mutual. It’s hard to find people who can understand your passion. Thank you for listening.

    Checkout http://www.kiva.org for becoming an investor. Or even http://www.grameenfoundation.org/where_we_work/. Grameen foundation founder got Nobel Peace Prize for 2007.

    Also check the following site for more such organizations.

    Best Regards

  5. Hi Janya,
    Came across your blog. Could not leave with out commenting.

    Your postings were really balanced, probably the life experiences shaped your thought process. Very few people are taking a balanced approach and trying to work it out. Conflict is ruling all relations.

    A wandering baatasaari

  6. Thank you andi. Mee andari ki vunnantha bhavukatha ledu gaani, I can enjoy it though. Thanks for visiting my site.

  7. Hello! Came across your blog through Indiblogger. Appreciate your initiative in making changes to the public education system in India. Out of curiosity, I have been researching alternative methods of learning in India. Found out about ‘Centre for Learning’. It is located in Bangalore. (www.cfl.in) You might want to check them out.

    Liked your blog. Wishing you all the success in your efforts.

  8. Hi Adarsh
    Thank you for your comments. Cfl is a school in itself. I need to see if we can use their services for our government schools. I was in India few days back and I found out some information. I need to get few more details. Once I have that I will share with you all. I need all the support I can in this activity.
    Thanks again.

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